A recent photo of Martin; quiet night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

My traveling companion in Germany and Italy took this photo of me when we stayed one night near the Austrian border, outside of Berchtesgaden, a town close to Adolf Hitler’s vacation retreat, which has since been demolished. It’s a pretty part of Germany, and a popular area for skiing during winter.

I’m back from the YMCA after a great workout and lap-swimming session.  I stopped by the wine market on my way home to stock my supply for the weekend. It’s quiet, here on the island this evening, and thunder is rumbling in the distance. My part of Florida’s been experiencing storms most every day of the week for the past three weeks, but we don’t mind because it keeps things cool.

Anyway, I heard from a friend who I’ll spend time with this evening, drinking some wine and visiting our favorite burger place for dinner. It should be fun, and maybe we’ll take a swim afterward if the weather permits.

Have a nice Friday night, friends.


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