The world of BDSM. Why does it fascinate us so?

Hi, friends and readers:

Back in 2012, I published BDSM-themed, short novel titled “Passion Play”. I had never written much fiction about the BDSM scene, but decided to give it a try. Here’s the blurb for my book:

“Reverend Luke helps put on the Passion Play at his church every year. Nearly eighty parishioners get involved, and this year brothers James and Marcus Thibodeaux will be participate. James will play Jesus, but there’s a hitch; he’s deaf, so Marcus will act as translator.

“James is beautiful and young–almost angelic in appearance–and just the person to portray Jesus. Or is he?

“When Reverend Luke begins a sexual relationship with Marcus, he learns things about James that are hardly angelic. Can Reverend Luke convince James to be penitent and worthy of portraying Jesus?”

“Passion Play” was a huge success. It sold many copies and continues to sell occasionally, even six years after initial publication, a rarity in genre fiction.  But why are readers so fascinated by BDSM?

I’m no psychologist, but I think BDSM is less about pain, and more about control or lack thereof. Having utter control over another person’s body is powerful stuff. Likewise, surrendering control over one’s body can also be an incredibly exciting experience, as long as there’s a strong element of trust between the participants.

On to other matters. I spent a quiet night at home last night, after a delightful swim at my timeshare, along with my neighbor. I ended up reading in bed until I fell asleep around one AM. Then I slept until 9:30 this morning.

I don’t have a lot planned for my Sunday. I’ve already read the newspaper, and I plan to do some more housework today, in particular cleaning all the objects resting on the shelves above my desk: family photos, memorabilia, rocks and stones I’ve collected during my worldwide travels, and so forth.  I probably haven’t cleaned them in three years and they are looking dusty.

Tonight I will join a friend in the city for drinks and takeout for dinner. Outside, it’s terrible warm and humid, and the Red Tide has invaded our area, so the odor of dead fish hangs in the air. 🙁 I hope conditions are nice where you are, friends. Have a nice Sunday.