One more sexy Asian guy; nice Thursday evening on tap for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Since today’s theme on this site is “sexy Asian guys”, I thought I’d put up one more of my favorite photos. Our friend to the left here has clearly just finished a triathlon and he sure has the body to show for it: rippling abs, nice shoulders and chest, and ultra-smooth skin. Definitely boyfriend material. 😉

Well, I am loving my new front tooth crown, it looks great. After I ate lunch at home, I started packing fro Toronto, and now most everything is ready: clothes, shoes, and toiletries are all in the suitcase. I’m checked in with the airline and I have my boarding pass on my smartphone.

When I finished packing, I spent two hours in my front yard fertilizing shrubbery. That should perk up the shrubs and make them happy. 🙂

Since today is Thursday, just about 5:30 PM I will climb into my Element and drive into the city to spend a good part of the evening with my oldest friend in the world. We’ll drink a few beers and dine on takeout for our dinner, a weekly ritual that is always fun.

Have a nice Thursday night, yourselves, friends.

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