Shirtless guys wearing backpacks; Martin’s back from Toronto ….

Hi, friends and readers:
I’ve always thought certain guys look terribly sexy when they appear in public without a shirt with a backpack hanging from their shoulders. Especially if they have bodies like the two guys in tonight’s photo posts. I mean, check out Mr. Sunglasses to the left here: nice blond hair, broad shoulders, slender waist and just enough muscle to make him interesting. I could follow him around all day long if he’d let me. Yummy …. 😉

Yes, I am back from Toronto, and what a wonderful time I had during the three days and nights I was there. I met some nice people, saw amazing sights, including Niagara Falls, ate tasty cuisine and enjoyed wines from vineyards in southern Ontario. Who knew their wines would be so good?

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend a visit to Toronto. It’s a very diverse city ethnically, lots of Asian folks form a variety of countries: China, Korea, India, Pakistan, and Vietnam, to name a few.

Of course, there’s a huge gay community in Toronto, and the people who live in the city are very accepting of the LGBT culture. I understand they have one of the largest pride parades in the world each year.

Anyways, I’m awfully glad I went for a visit, and everything went off without a hitch, my flights, my hotel, everything. I learned how to use the subway system, and never once got lost. I took a tour to Niagara Falls, and also a city tour that included a boat cruise on Lake Ontario. Just amazing ….

Speaking of amazing, isn’t Mr. Spiky Hair to the left here sexy. Pretty hair, eyes and skin, and those lips. I’ll bet he can do amazing things with them. 😉

Anyway, I am home and unpacked, and I just took a two-mile run, here on the island, to blow off the cobwebs crowding my brain form my plane flight. Now it’s time for a cold beer and some relaxation. Have a  nice Monday night, friends.

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