More guys getting wet; quiet night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Well, you guys liked the “dripping wet” photos I posted this morning, so I thought I would post two more this evening, for your viewing pleasure. The upper photo almost looks like a painting, doesn’t it? I love the colors reflecting in the water, and also the way the model is posed. I could definitely go for a dip with him. 😉 I wonder what his name is and where he lives. I’m guessing he’s…Tyler from Ft. Myers, FL . He hasn’t been on a date yet, but there’s a boy in his Chemistry class he’s had his eye on. 🙂

I had a productive afternoon, with a full workout at the YMCA followed by a lap-swimming session, After a quick shower I headed for Home Depot to purchase yard mulch, then I came home and washed my car. It was covered in salt spray from the winds generated by Hurricane Michael. Now the car’s clean and shiny, inside and out.

As mentioned this morning, I don’t have a lot planned for my Friday evening. I have leftovers from the Greek place for my dinner, and I have a Netflix DVD rental I can watch, so I’ll be good. Enjoy your own Friday evening, friends.

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