Halloween’s coming soon. Want a spooky and sexy read?

Hi, friends and readers:

Several years ago I wrote a short novel titled Trick and Treat, with a Halloween theme. It’s sexy and spooky and it has sold quite well. Every year around this time, sales pick up because Halloween is approaching and readers are in the mood for something supernatural. Here’s the book’s summary:

“Eric’s a college freshman and a computer geek. His college dorm mate, Tyler, is a loner who dabbles in the occult. While trick-or-treating near campus, Eric meets Roland, a vampire with a taste for young men. Their physical encounter casts a spell over Eric. Is he doomed to become a vampire himself, or can Tyler help free Eric from Roland’s grasp? Can the budding friendship between Eric and Tyler evolve into something more?”

If you have an interest in reading Trick and Treat you can click on the cover on the sidebar to the right, and you’ll be directed to the book’s Amazon page. Happy reading, friends. 🙂

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