Guys with sexy abs; beautiful evening on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

You know, in my bok there’s nothing sexier than a cute guy who owns a set of rock-hard abs, like the two guys in today’s photo posts. I mean, have a look at Mr. Smiley to the left here. Great hair and skin, nice muscles and a 100-watt smile. And those abs … Aye-yi-yi.

I didn’t post yesterday because my day was jam-packed. I rose at 7:30 AM and secured my Trek hybrid bicycle to the bike rack on my car. Then I drove to a friend’s where we loaded my bike into his trailer along with four others. The five of us traveled to Myakka River State Park, where we spent a glorious day cycling the roads and trails throughout the park. The weather was perfect: cool, dry, sunny and just a little breezy. When I got home, the time was close to 4:30 PM. I unloaded my bike and locked it up, then removed the bike rack form my car and stowed it. After I was done it was time for beers on my deck, so no time for posting. Sorry, guys.

I’ve had a great day so far today. I was up at eight this morning and pounding on the keyboard at nine, writing fresh material for my novel-in-progress. The book’s at 55,000 words and nowhere near finished.

Right after lunch, I climbed into my Honda Element and cruised into the city for a workout and lap-swimming session at the YMCA. Then I hit Home Depot for yard mulch, flowers to plant and another plant to replace the one on my front screened porch. Now I am home and feeling relaxed as I open a cold beer and ready myself for a relaxing evening. 🙂

Have a great Monday evening, friends.

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