Happy Halloween from Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s Halloween today. When I was a boy, Halloween was my second favorite holiday, just behind Christmas. (Nothing beats presents under the tree, right?)

I think I liked Halloween because it gave me a chance to be someone other than myself. Actually, all gay men and boys had to do that every day, back when I was growing up. But on Halloween, I could dress however I chose and no one would consider me weird. I also liked going from door-to-door and meeting people I hadn’t ever talked with before. And I liked the freedom of roaming in the night without adult supervision. (Though I guess that doesn’t happen much anymore. 🙁 )

Anyway, I’m not doing anything for Halloween this year. I live in a neighborhood where hardly any children live, so there won’t be any trick-or-treaters at my door tonight. So, I am having dinner with a friend at our favorite Italian restaurant.

Look, if you feel like getting into the Halloween spirit, you can always buy a copy of my short novel titled Trick and Treat. Here’s the blurb for the book:

“Eric’s a college freshman and a computer geek. His college dorm mate, Tyler, is a loner who dabbles in the occult. While trick-or-treating near campus, Eric meets Roland, a vampire with a taste for young men. Their physical encounter casts a spell over Eric. Is he doomed to become a vampire himself, or can Tyler help free Eric from Roland’s grasp? Can the budding friendship between Eric and Tyler evolve into something more?”

Here’s the buy link if you’re interested:


And Happy Halloween, friends. 🙂