One more guy in black-and-white; quiet night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Since people liked this morning’s black-and-white photo posts, I thought I would share one more with you this evening. Isn’t he beautiful?

Well, I had a productive day. Around ten AM I left for Tampa for my PT appointment. Then I drove northward to the marina where I keep the boat I use at my fishing camp. After I eradicated the nest of carpenter ants dwelling in my on-board storage box, I cleaned the box thoroughly and organized the contents so everything is neat and clean. Then I cleaned the boat’s interior from top to bottom, which was badly needed. Now the boat looks great and is ready for my next visit to camp.

My drive home was terribly frustrating because of lane closures due to accidents. A trip that should have taken one hour and fifteen minutes took two hours because of traffic slowdowns. 🙁 But now I am home and sipping from a cold beer. I’m having dinner with an old friend at our favorite Italian place, so it should be a nice evening.

Have a great Tuesday night, friends.

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