Hot guys in beanies; chilly morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Beanies aren’t all that popular in central Florida because our weather rarely gets cold enough for a guy to wear one, and that’s too bad because I think a beanie sometimes gives certain guys a sexy look, especially if the guys  looks like the two young men in today’s photo posts.

I love the expression on the guy’s face to the left, and the teasing way he’s tugging on the drawstring to his shorts. Very sexy …. 😉

By the time I reached my friend’s house last night, the temperature had lunged into the low 60’s and my friend had a blaze going in his fire pit, which made for a very pleasant evening. After we drank a few beers, we ordered takeout from our favorite pizza place, and I even have leftovers for tonight’s dinner. Yummy ….

Speaking of yummy, who could resist the beautiful young man to the left here? A beanie never looked so good. 🙂

I rose around 8:30 this morning, and after a quick breakfast, I got busy working on my novel-in-progress for 2-1/2 hours. The book’s coming along nicely, but will need some massaging after the first draft is complete. But that’s always the case with every book I have written over the years. First drafts of necessity involve substantial revisions to make them readable.

Outside it’s a bright and sunny day, but quite cool, and a breeze continues to blow from the northwest, which would make jogging very uncomfortable, as I have to run northward for the first half of my two-mile run. So unless the wind dies down this afternoon, I will likely take a three-mile walk instead.

Have a nice Friday, friends.

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