Hot boys in plaid shirts; quiet morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m not sure why, but I find the look of a plaid shirt on a handsome young man very appealing, especially if it’s unbuttoned to show off his chest and belly. I mean, who could resist the lovely guy to the left here? Not me. đŸ˜‰

I spent a quiet evening at home last night. Around 5:30 PM, I built a blaze in my patio fire pit, my first of the cool-weather seasons. It felt so good to sit outside and watch the flames dance as darkness fell. I drank a vodka-tonic out there, and when the flames died down, I went inside and warmed up leftover pizza for my dinner. I made a nice salad to go with it, so the meal was tasty.

After dinner, I watched a Netflix rental I had seen a few years ago, an Australian production called Newcastle. The story revolves around certain members of the surfing subculture in Newcastle, a coastal town where shipping is a dominant industry. The film’s cast are mostly young men in their early twenties, and two of them eventually become boyfriends. The photography’s mind blowing, and It’s a nice story too. You might want to check it out here:

I’m attended an opera this afternoon, courtesy of a friend who has an extra ticket. The opera is based on the story, Pinocchio, which I always thought was a kind of gay little tale about a man who wants a boy in his life. (Nothing too subtle about that, is there?) My friend and I might grab some dinner out afterward, so it should be a nice way to spend the second half of my day.

Have a nice Sunday, friends, wherever you might be.

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