One more guy in a plaid shirt; pleasant Sunday for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I honor of my site’s “plaid shirt day” I am posting one more plaid shirt photo, this one particularly sexy, in my opinion. I love the guy’s shaggy blond hair, smooth skin and defined torso. I’m sure glad he left that shirt unbuttoned for the photo. 😉

I had a delightful time at opera. Many children were in attendance, and the performance was superb. Pinocchio  is a great story aimed at teaching children the important of telling the truth, and I think it made an impression on the kids present.

After the opera, my five friends and I visited a tapas and wine bar for some tasty cuisine and some of the best Sauvignon blanc I have ever enjoyed.

My neighbor and I spent 45 minutes on my deck when we returned to the island. I drank beer while my neighbor drank Merlot wine. The weather here tonight is so beautiful: cool, dry, and still. Luck us. I’m in the house now. I may watch another movie tonight, as I am no fan of NFL football.

Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

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