One more favorite black-and-white photo; trip to gym a success ….

Hi, friends and readers:

The handsome guy you see to the left here is a model named Victor LeClerc. I assume he’s either French or perhaps he’s from Quebec, but whatever. I think he’s beautiful: great hair and skin, tall and lean with just the right amount of muscle. Definitely boyfriend material …. 😉

Well, my visit to the YMCA today–my first in three weeks–was a great success. My left hand didn’t hurt at all and I was able to use the usual amount of weight in all of my exercises, no problem. I didn’t get to swim laps because the pool was too crowded, but that was no big deal. It sure felt good to get my muscles pumping again. 🙂

I’m about to share a bottle of wine with my neighbors, so I must run. Have a great Monday night, friends.

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