Boys with shaggy hair; another chilly day on the island ….


Hi, friends and readers:

Young guys these days tend to spend a lot of time and money on their hair. These hipster haircuts you see that are super short on the sides and glued stiff on top require lots of maintenance. And while I think they’re okay on certain guys, I still think a young man with unkempt and shaggy hair takes the cake. I mean, don’t you think Mr. Blue T-Shirt to the left here is adorable? I wonder what his name is and where he lives? I’m guessing he’s…Kevin from Topeka, Kansas. He lives on a soybean farm, has five siblings, and lusts for a boy in his Geometry class. šŸ˜‰

Well, I had a pleasant dinner with my friend last night. I dined on fresh clams with a white sauce over linguine, very tasty. And our bottle of Chianti was some of the best I’ve had, so the evening was a success. I got home around nine PM and turned on my fireplace. Then I just sat on the sofa, enjoying the flames while texting with a friend in Pensacola. I might visit him there next month.

Have a look at Mr. BMX to the left here. Yeah, he’s a little rough around the edges, but I kind of like that, plus he has great shaggy hair.

Anyway, this morning I ended up sleeping in late, even though I went to bed last night around eleven. I think I was tired from all the activities I engaged in yesterday, so I guess I needed the rest. I rose at 9:30 AM and made myself some breakfast. I skipped writing and read the newspaper instead, and now it’s eleven AM.

Outside, is’s chilly (56 degrees F) and a steady breeze is blowing from the northeast, making it seem even colder. I have a bunch of things I’ll need to do today, including getting my Christmas tree in its stand, re-mounting a window blind, and doing some cleaning in my place as well as in my vacation rental. Around four PM I’ll take a two-mile run for some exercise, and then around 5:30 PM I’ll drive into the city to spend the evening with my oldest friend, a weekly ritual.

Have nice Thursday, friends.

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