One more boy with shaggy hair and some naked Christmas cheer; Martin’s mostly decorated ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Since you guys really liked this morning’s “shaggy-haired boys” photo posts, I thought I would share one more I especially like. He’s cute, isn’t he?

Well, this afternoon, I dove into getting my place decorated for Christmas. This involved climbing into my crawl space to retrieve boxes of lights and ornaments, along with my illuminating Frosty The Snowman and my tree stand.

I started with stringing exterior lights on my deck. I also put Frosty up there–it’s his official spot every year. The lights and Frosty are plugged into a timer that turns them on at dusk, so I don’t have to manually turn them on and off. Next, I used a cordless drill to drill a hole in the trunk of my tree, and then I fixed the tree onto my tree stand. (Okay, it’s a little crooked, so when I brought it into the house I had to use a few books to level things.)

I put my dancing Surfing Santa doll on my fireplace mantel along with lower limbs from  the Fraser Fir the guys at Home Depot trimmed from my tree. Then I put three strands of lights on the tree, which took me awhile because I always have a hard time getting the lights evenly distributed. But I finally succeeded, and now I just have to trim the tree with decorations. Maybe I’ll do that when I get home from my friend’s tonight.

If only I had a boyfriend, we could trim the tree naked like the guys to the left here. Looks like fun. 😉

It’s another chilly night, here on the island. I’ll be heading into town for a “boys’ night out” with my old friend. We’ve been doing this for forty years, and it’s a weekly tradition I always enjoy. You just can’t beat old friends, can you? Though I still enjoy making new ones too. In any event, I need to jump in the shower, so I will wish all of you a lovely Thursday evening. And keep smiling, it’s important. 🙂

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