One more guy at a swimming pool; cool weather’s moving into central Florida ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I know you guys liked the “swimming pool” photos I posted this morning, so I thought I’d put up one more of my favorites. The young man to the left has an amazing body, just perfect for modeling a Speedo-style suit. Notice how his shoulders are broad, and his legs are muscled, but he’s narrow in the hips and his butt is rounded and compact. His waist is tiny, too. Simply amazing …. 😉

I’ve had a really good afternoon. After my three-mile walk, I ate lunch, some tasty turkey soup my neighbor gave me. Then I got busy on a list of chores: doing a load of laundry, watering all my house plants, using a leaf-blower to clean up my patios, cleaning my bathrooms, and adjusting the stays on my front door blind so it doesn’t bang around when I open or close the door. (God, my life’s exciting …)

Now it’s all done and I am ready for a nice dinner and a meaningful movie about a young man whose parents force him into gay-to-straight conversion facility. I’ll let you know if I liked it or not.

Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

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