Best friends, sharing life; pretty morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

One of life’s greatest blessings is the gift of a best friend, someone you can depend on, a guy or a woman you can share your sorrows, hopes and joys with, a person who understands how you feel, sometimes without you even saying what’s going on inside your head.

As a youth, I was fortunate to have a best friend named Curtis. We met in 8th grade and immediately became best friends. We remained best friends all the way through college at University of Florida, where we lived together. There was nothing sexual about our friendship, Curtis was straight and I was gay. But he accepted me for who I was without reservation.

Curtis and I did everything together: riding to school on the bus and later by car, bowling, walking the beach, surfing, playing basketball, going to movies and attending parties. We never let anything get in the way of our friendship.

Now we are two old guys, living 350 miles apart, and we might see each other once a year, but our friendship endures.

Of course, I have several close friends where I live today, guys I can share my deepest feelings with, and who listen to my troubles without being judgmental. (Okay, sometimes they’ll tell me to quit whining, and that’s what good friends are for, to be honest with you, to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.)

Anyway, the guys in today’s photo posts are clearly the closest of friends. You can see it in their facial expressions and their body postures. They look utterly comfortable being physically close, even though I doubt any of these pairs of guys have a sexual relationship. They’re only best friends, and that’s okay.

I just spent all morning writing fresh material for my novel-in-progress, and now it’s nearly lunchtime. Outside, it’s sunny and cool, with only the hint of a breeze, a nice change from yesterday’s blustery weather.

Right after lunch I’ll climb into my Honda Element and cruise into the city to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming session. On my way home, I’ll hit the supermarket and also our island market, as I am hosting three friends for dinner tonight. I’m grilling cheeseburgers over charcoal, and I’ll start a blaze in my fire pit. It should be fun.

Have a nice Wednesday, all. And if you have a best friend, give him or her a call today.

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