Two more guys on a sailboat; productive afternoon for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Since today is all about guys and boats, I decided to post the photo to the left tonight because I think it’s so cool. I guess the boys are doing their own version of the “flying on the bow” scene from the film Titanic. And aren’t they cute?

I stayed busy all afternoon, getting housework and yard chores doen, and even washing windows at my vacation rental and at my place. Everything’s neat and sparkly now. At four PM I took a nice two-mile run in perfect weather, and now I’m sipping from a cold beer before I climb into the shower. Then I’m off to the city.

Have a nice Thursday evening, friends.

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  1. Martin, it’s interesting timing that you posted this pic now, since I’m going on a boat tomorrow with my writers’ group. I shared this photo with the same group the last time you posted it, and connected it with the Walt Whitman poem. Of course, there had to be a literary connection, as I’m the only gay guy in the group.

    1. Interesting story, John. Where is the boat sailing from and where is it going to? I attended a writer’s conference about twelve years ago, a very fine conference. But I was the only gay man in my work group. I had written a short story for the workshop that included a scene where the MC accidentally comes upon a man and his teenage son engaging in oral sex, way off in the woods. A lot of my work group members seemed shocked by the scene, but then the faculty gave my story received the “best of conference” award for short fiction. Nobody was more surprised than me. 🙂 Enjoy your boat trip, and thanks for writing.


  2. We’re going to be sailing from Pompano Beach. It’s just going to be an afternoon excursion down the Intracoastal Waterway, so we will probably go to Ft. Lauderdale, or perhaps Boca Raton/Deerfield Beach, if they decide to go in the other direction. Your experience at the writer’s conference was interesting. I finally got up the nerve to share some of my erotic stories with my writers’ group, and they loved it. But I don’t think I’m quite ready to submit a couple of incest stories I’ve written to them just yet.

    1. Well, have a good cruise. Yes, I’ve written a few stories involving incest, involving brothers or cousins, and my publishers have been a bit skittish, but finally relented and released them. It’s a touchy subject. In Florida, my research shows, the statute prohibiting incest only applies to male/female pairings, as the principal purpose of the statute is to prevent birth defects in the children of closely related couples.

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