Beautiful guys in black-and-white; nice day ahead for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Those of you who follow this site know I am a huge devotee of black-and-white photography, and once a week I like to share two of my favorites with all of you.

The photo to the left here I have kept for several years. I love everything about it: the lighting, the enigmatic expression on the young man’s face, and even the shredded collar on his short. I believe he is leaning against a baseball backstop, a curious choice for such a photo, but I like it.

I was up at eight this morning, after a restless night filled with bizarre dreams populated by people I don’t actually know. Maybe my brain was getting me ready for the next book I will write. Who knows? But I got out of bed at eight Am, and after a hasty breakfast, I wrote like a demon for nearly three hours, and now it’s around lunchtime. I always feel good when I have a productive day in the writing department. 🙂

Okay, this photo to the left is also one of my favorites. The model’s name is Victor LeClerc, and I know nothing about him, other than he’s a beautiful young man who does the camera lens justice. He has it all: great skin and hair, lanky frame, and sensual eyes. I wonder if he has a boyfriend? 😉

I had a pleasant evening at my friend’s home last night. We sat outside on his elevated deck and enjoyed the fine weather. We drank beer and swapped stories. Then we dined on tasty pizza and salad from a takeout place down the road. I got home around nine PM, and it wasn’t long before I crawled into bed with a book.

In just a little while, right after I have my lunch, I’ll drive into the city to workout at the YMCA. Not sure I will get to swim laps because the kiddie camp is in session this week and the tykes are hogging to pool. :-/ Tonight, I’m meeting two friends for beers at a craft brewery, then we’ll dine at a new BBQ place that’s getting great reviews.

Have a nice Friday, everyone.