One more triathlete; wonderful day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Well, if you’re into lean guys, I guess triathletes are your thing. They certainly are mine. I’d elope with the skinny guy to the left in a heartbeat. 😉

I’ve had the most wonderful day, one some people might consider boring, but I didn’t. Right after lunch, I took a three-mile walk in the cool breeze and sunshine. Then I came home and spent 3-1/2 hours working in my yard. It hardly seemed like work because the weather was perfect–no heat, no sweating, no insects. Now my patios look well-groomed and I am feeling a bit tired.

Around 5 PM, I built a blaze in my fire pit and listened to music on my Bluetooth speaker while the lumber crackled. Then I came inside and grabbed a shower. I just watched Indy beat Houston, which I was hoping for since I like Andrew Luck. (He knows how to read and do long division, since he attended Stanford.)

In just a little bit I will put together a fresh fruit salad and zap some leftover pizza in the microwave. Then I’ll have a nice meal while watching the second wild card game, a nice end to a perfect day. 🙂

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