Guys in sleep pants; another gorgeous day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

A friend who used to live up north informed my it’s very common for young me to wear “sleep pants” to bed during winter, to keep themselves warm. I’ve never owned a pair myself, but I guess they are made from flannel, and they sure look comfy. They also look pretty darned sexy on the guys in today’s photo posts.

I especially like the guy to the left here. Sure he’s skinny, but I kind of like skinny, as long as a guy has broad shoulders and a bit of muscle like he does. I like his shaggy, tousled hair, too. I’ll bet he just got out of bed, and I wonder if the guy who took the photo shared the mattress with him?

I went to bed relatively early last night, around ten PM. I read for about 45 minutes before switching off the nightstand lamp, and then I drifted into dreamland. I was up around 7:30 this morning, feeling refreshed, and then I tackled my novel-in-progress for two hours, writing new material.

Now it’s around eleven AM, and I have a busy day ahead of me. As soon as I finish this post, I will take a three-mile walk, here on the island. After lunch, I will drive into town to meet my handyman at Home Depot, where I will purchase a new screened door for my front porch. I’ll also buy mulch for the beds I cleaned up over the weekend. On the way home I’ll hit the bank and supermarket. I have correspondence to catch up on, and phone calls to make, and then I’ll take a two-mile run.

Outside it’s another perfect winter day: sunny, still, and about 70 degrees F. I’m looking forward to my walk and also my run. Tonight, I’ll return to the city to have dinner with a friend, and then we’ll see a movie in the theater. It’s should be fun.

Have a nice Tuesday, my friends.

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