More lover boys; beautiful night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I hope you’re enjoying today’s “lover boys” photos as much as I am. I have to admit, the one to the left here gets me more than a little excited. You can tell those two guy really like each other, right?

It’s been a wonderful day, here on the island. After lunch, I walked three miles on the beach, wearing only a swimsuit. The temperature was close to 80 degrees F and the shore was packed with sunbathers. I saw some pretty amazing sights, and the walk was heavenly.

When I returned home, I worked on a few projects and did some house-cleaning. Then, around four PM, I took a two-mile run, here on the island. It was so pretty outside–sunny and still and not too warm. I took a nice little walk afterward, and then I ascended to my observation deck to drink a couple of beers and chat with a neighbor.

Now it’s six PM and the NFL game on the air right now looks a little lop-sided. Kansas City may run away with it, and it’s snowing there. 🙁 I may opt for building another blaze in my fire pit if the game does not improve. I have leftovers in the kitchen for my dinner, and maybe I’ll walk down to our community’s quarterly street festival later on.

Have a nice Saturday night, friends.

A day of lover boys; yet another perfect morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

As you may know, the owners of the tumblr platform declared war on even semi-X rated accounts, by deleting most all of them on December 17, 2018. Sadly, that meant the death of many sources I had often used to obtain the non-explicit photos I post on this site. Fortunately, some accounts have survived, and among them are those featuring non-explicit photos of gay men getting affectionate. So we have something to be grateful for. 🙂

I adore photos of two men kissing, especially in a public place, so today I thought I’d put a few up for your viewing pleasure. I really like the top photo. The guys look quite masculine, yet they have no problem letting folks know they are in love with each other, and I think that’s wonderful.

I spent the evening at home by myself last night, as the guy who was supposed to come over had transportation issues. 🙁 It was fine. I built a lovely blaze in my fire pit and the weather was so nice I hated to come inside for dinner when the time near.

I dined on leftover shrimp and pasta, along with a fresh fruit salad, and I watched a Coen brothers movie on Netflix streaming titled A Serious Man, which I had seen before but wanted to watch again. If you have not seen it, you might want to. The acting is superb, the story line intriguing.

Outside, it’s another gorgeous winter day: sunny, still and about 70 degrees F. Right after lunch, I plan to take a three-mile walk on the beach for some exercise. I’ve already finished writing fresh material for the day, and after I take my walk, I may visit a nearby county park to take a two-mile run, if the wind doesn’t pick up. A friend may join me for dinner and a little football-watching later on.

Have a nice Saturday, friends.