More lover boys; beautiful night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I hope you’re enjoying today’s “lover boys” photos as much as I am. I have to admit, the one to the left here gets me more than a little excited. You can tell those two guy really like each other, right?

It’s been a wonderful day, here on the island. After lunch, I walked three miles on the beach, wearing only a swimsuit. The temperature was close to 80 degrees F and the shore was packed with sunbathers. I saw some pretty amazing sights, and the walk was heavenly.

When I returned home, I worked on a few projects and did some house-cleaning. Then, around four PM, I took a two-mile run, here on the island. It was so pretty outside–sunny and still and not too warm. I took a nice little walk afterward, and then I ascended to my observation deck to drink a couple of beers and chat with a neighbor.

Now it’s six PM and the NFL game on the air right now looks a little lop-sided. Kansas City may run away with it, and it’s snowing there. 🙁 I may opt for building another blaze in my fire pit if the game does not improve. I have leftovers in the kitchen for my dinner, and maybe I’ll walk down to our community’s quarterly street festival later on.

Have a nice Saturday night, friends.

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