Another slender guy; Martin’s off to the city ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Sorry if the resolution in the photo to the left is a bit fuzzy, but the guy is so cute I couldn’t resist putting the photo up for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Sure, he’s skinny, but he has broad shoulders and a killer smile, and I like the way his jeans are hanging low on his hips too, as though he’s tempting you to take them away from him for a few hours. 😉

I didn’t get all my errands completed today because I spent almost an hour in a framing shop/art studio choosing new frames for the two watercolors that hang in my bedroom. The owner helped me find just the right framing material, and although it’s dreadfully expensive stuff from Italy, the new frames will improve the appearance of the watercolors and my bedroom immensely. Hey, I may as well give my little boyfriends something nice to look at besides me when they visit here. 🙂

Anyway, I did succeed in buying some new athletic clothing for cool weather, and also a new pair of shorts for the gym. I bought some new socks at a department store. All these things were badly needed, so the whole trip was worth it. The supermarket can wait until tomorrow.

Have a nice Thursday night, friends. I’m off to the city ….

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