Guys fast asleep; blustery day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

There’s something quite beautiful about a young man who’s fast asleep, and unaware you are looking at him. I guess it’s because his usual masculine defenses are not in operation.

When I lived in my fraternity house in college, I shared a room with a very handsome guy named Jon. He was from south Florida, a little west of Miami, and he was an habitual nap-taker. I’d come home from classes and Jon would be snoozing away in his bed, either naked or wearing a pair of skimpy briefs. I’d sit at my desk and watch him breathe and it was almost a spiritual experience. Jon, where are you today?

Last night’s alley party was an unqualified success. We had about 45 adults and a half-dozen kids. The food was stellar, and the beer kegs flowed. A restaurateur contributed a case of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, and I built a nice blaze in my fire pit. Our guests loved it all, and so did I. This was our first alley party in over a year, and I enjoyed the hell out of it.  Thankfully, the weather stayed nice until everyone went home.

I woke this morning to high winds and a chilly temperature. A cold front has entered central Florida and tonight the low will be in the 40’s, cold for our area. I don’t have a lot planned for my Sunday, other than dining on leftovers and watching the NFL conference championship games, which should be interesting.

Normally, I would take a two-mile run or maybe walk three miles for exercise, here on the island. But it’s so nasty outside I plan to remain indoors. I’ve just finished reading the Sunday newspaper, and I’ll do some editing on my novel-in-progress before the first football game starts around three PM.

Have nice Sunday, everyone.