Another Manu Rios photo; chilly night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Well, if you wondered what kind of a body Manu Rios owns, have a look to the left here. Is he perfect, or what? If he were my boyfriend, I’d never let him wear a shirt. 😉 I’d also ditch those ripped jeans he’s wearing because they look stupid on him.

I had a great workout at the YMCA, but since today was a school holiday, the kiddies were in the pool and I  didn’t get to swim laps. 🙁  After I hit the wine market, I came home intending to take a walk on the island for more exercise, but a cold wind was blowing out of the east, and I decided to play my guitar in my warm house instead. (Hey, music’s nice, right?)

It’s getting dark outside right now, and the temperature is dropping as the sun sinks into the Gulf of Mexico. Right after I finish this post, I will hop into the shower. I’ll put on some warm and comfortable clothes and spend a quiet night at home. I plan to watch a Netflix movie and enjoy a home-cooked meal, a chicken dish I really like.

Have a nice Monday night, friends.

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