Sexy guys with pretty eyes; sunny morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m a sucker for guys with dark brown eyes, I always have been, though I don’t know why. But I can certainly appreciate the appeal of young men with eyes of different colors, like the two in this morning’s photo posts.

Mr. Hoodie to the left here certainly has interesting eyes, almost gray in color, and quite enchanting. Imagine making love to him while your gaze locks onto his and the bedsprings squeak? I’ll bet he can do amazing things with that tongue of his too. 😉

Here’s a guy with ice blue eyes, and how lovely he is. I know, he’s skinny, but he’ll put on some muscle in a year or two. Guys like him always do.

I watched an excellent film on Netflix streaming last night, titled God’s Own Country. The main characters are two men in their early twenties. One is English, from Yorkshire, and his family owns a sheep farm. The other hails from Romania and hires on as a farmhand. The two start out loathing each other, but they end up becoming lovers. It’s a tense film, especially because the Irish guy struggles with his sexuality. I won’t spoil the outcome, but the film is worth seeing, as long as you don’t mind some gory moments involving sheep-raising.

It sunny and cool on the island today, and we’re approaching noontime. I spent all morning writing fresh material for my novel-in-progress, and I had an unusually productive session at the keyboard. After lunch, I will run a few errands: paint store, hardware store, and supermarket.

Here’s one more guy with grayish eyes, the famous Russian porn model known as Vova. This photo was taken many years ago, when he was barely eighteen. He had the most amazing rear end back then. I wonder where he is today? Probably living with some oligarch. 😉

On Tuesdays, I usually have dinner and go to the movies with a good friend, but this week he’s busy and can’t go. I’ve decided I’ll go into town by myself for dinner, and then see a movie that looks interesting, The Green Book. I just don’t feel like spending the evening at home, so why not get my butt out the door?

All right, everyone, it’s time for me to prepare nice lunch for myself, and then I’ll get to my errands. I have some yard work to perform after my errands, so I will stay busy. Have a nice Tuesday, wherever you are, friends. And keep smiling, it’s important. 🙂