Boys in blue Speedos; gloomy morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Nothing flatters a young man’s physique better than a Speedo-style swimsuit, except perhaps for a jock strap. The Speedo covers up body parts we Americans consider unacceptable for public viewing. (Weird, really.) But it still leaves little to the imagination.

I don’t know about you, but I think the guy to the left here looks marvelous in his swimsuit. He has the perfect swimmer’s body: broad shoulders, lanky limbs, nice bulge in the pouch of his suit, and smooth skin. I wonder if he has a boyfriend?

I woke this morning to cloudy skies, a steady wind blowing from the northeast, and a temperature around 55 degrees. Nasty weather by my standards. I did a little editing on my novel-in-progress and took care of correspondence. I perused the newspaper and now I’m creating this post before I sit down to lunch.

Um-m-m-m, is this boy to the left here beautiful, or what? I could watch him lounge on that boogie board all day. 😉

Today is the Gasparilla pirate day in Tampa, but you won’t catch me there. The weather’s lousy and the traffic anywhere near the parade will be horrible. Why don’t they change the date to April when the weather’s always good?

I plan to stay here on the island, where I have several projects to complete. Minor painting tasks, planting new shrubs, leaf-blowing my patios, and house cleaning. I need to practice a new piece on my guitar, also. So, I will stay busy in spite of the crappy weather. And maybe I will take a three-mile walk for some exercise, if the weather doesn’t worsen.

Have a nice Saturday, friends, wherever you might be today. And keep on smiling, it’s important.