One more cutie with his camera; another chilly night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Did you enjoy the selfie photos I posted here this morning? Come on, I know you did, so I decided to put up one more of y favorites this evening, for your viewing pleasure. Isn’t he gorgeous? I wonder what his name is and where he lives? I’m guessing he’s Hunter from Boulder, Colorado. He  snowboards and smokes weed, and he likes to fool around with his best friend, Kolton, whenever they can find some privacy. Oh, Hunter, you are such a babe. Thanks for the selfie, and give us more when you’re not busy in the bedroom with Kolton. 😉

It’s going to be another cold night, here on the island, with the temperature dropping into the high 40’s again. It’s okay, I have good heat and my gas fireplace to keep me comfortable, so I will be fine.

Have a nice Monday night, friends.

Cute guys and their cameras; another chilly day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I know, so many selfies are simply uninteresting, and that’s why I don’t put many up here. Still, whenever I come across a few good ones, I like to share them with all of you. I mean, who would pass up a date with Mr. Backward Ball Cap to the left? Certainly not me. 😉

Weather-wise, yesterday had to be the ugliest day we’ve had in this area in years: cold and windy with nonstop rain all day and night. I worked on some indoor projects that needed done, and also spoke with friends over the phone. I baked a chicken breast for my dinner and watched a dreadful Netflix movie, Mamma Mia, All Over Again. I don’t recommend it, friends.

Here’s another selfie I find quite appealing. What a beautiful young man. He certainly fills out those briefs nicely,  doesn’t he?

It got pretty cold last night, down to the mid-40’s, and it’s still cold this morning, right around 50 degrees F. I stiff breeze is blowing, but at least the sun is shining again. We Floridians need our rays, you know.

I was up at 8:30 this morning, and after a quick breakfast I worked on my novel-in-progress for about two hours. The book is approaching 90,000 words in length, but still has a way to go. I’m not sure exactly how it will end, but I sure like the story and the main characters, Jakub and Jeff.

Since today is Monday, I will visit the YMCA right after lunch, for my usual workout and lap-swimming regimen. On my way home, I will hit the wine market to restock my supply, and then I suspect I will spend the evening by myself, and that’s okay.

Have a wonderful Monday, friends.