Two more sexy guys in beanies; nice evening in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:It’s chilly tonight on the island, perfect weather for a beanie, but if I put mine on I wouldn’t look nearly as good as Mr. Wisconsin Badgers to the left here. What a great body, and such smooth skin. And I like the way his sweatpants are riding low on his hips. Definitely boyfriend material …. 😉

Today, after I took a three-mile walk around 12:30 PM, I dove into a project I’ve put too long. Several years back, I developed leaks in my old roof. My living room ceiling is pine tongue-in-grove paneling stained white, and the leaks caused water stains in certain areas that looked ugly.

I brought a ten-foot ladder into the house and used an electric sander to grind away the water stains. Then I re-stained the sanded areas with diluted white latex paint. Now you can’t even tell there were water stains on the ceiling. Of course, my legs are sore from climbing up and down the ladder, but that’s okay. The job is done. 🙂

In just about fifteen minutes I’ll drive into the city to enjoy the evening with my best friend. It’s always a relaxing experience, and tonight we’ll have a nice fire on his elevated deck. Have a nice Thursday night, friends.

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