Boys and belts; beautiful morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Certain young men require and even desire firm discipline on a regular basis, to keep their behavior in line. I have provided this sort of guidance to a few young men during my life, and I never felt guilty about it. I was merely doing what was best for the youth. The photo to the left here was taken many years ago, by whom I don’t know, but it caused quite a sensation when it was first published in a gay-oriented magazine. The boy in the photo is exquisite, of course, but what intrigued us all was the way he almost caressed the belt he held. I wonder where he is today?

Its a beautiful morning, here on the island, our first good weather day in nearly two weeks. The sun is shining, the temperature’s around 70 degrees F, and the wind finally stopped blowing. It’s so nice I am tempted to skip the YMCA today and instead take a long walk on the beach, followed by a two-mile run on the street. At this time of year, you have to take advantage of good weather when you can, right?

Well, the young man in the lower photo doesn’t look too happy, does he? But I suppose he’s receiving the discipline he deserves. You make your choices, then you accept the consequences of your decisions. That’s life.

Have a nice Friday, friends.