Another sexy football player; productive day for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Try to imagine walking into your bedroom one evening to find Mr. Thumb-in-My Mouth to the left here, lying on your mattress with that expression on his face. Aye-yi-yi, who could resist pouncing on top of him? 😉

It’s been foggy and overcast all day here today, but the weather didn’t stop me from having a productive day. I got some substantive writing done this morning. Then I took a three-mile walk, here on the island. After lunch, I raided a construction site to collect scarp lumber to burn in my fire pit. Then I came home and worked on edits for 2-1/2 hours.

I also put together a tasty casserole, an old recipe from my maternal grandmother we call “spaghetti casserole”, which is kind of strange because there’s no spaghetti in it, only egg noodles. Anyway, I’m taking it to my friend’s house so we can eat during Super Bowl half-time.

Have a great Sunday, everyone.

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