Beautiful guys in black-and-white; gorgeous morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

At least once a week, I like to showcase some of my favorite black-and-white photographs, for my readers’ viewing pleasure, and I’m doing that today.

The boy to the left here is William Franklyn Miller, who is causing quite a sensation in the world of male beauty, and you can see why, can’t you?

A friend and I visited my timeshare last night, to soak in the hot tub and sweat in the sauna. We were the only persons there and it was such a lovely evening. I came home feeling utterly relaxed. I lit my fireplace and drank a glass of wine on my sofa. Then I and ended up going to bed around eleven.

I woke around seven this morning, and I knew I wasn’t going back to sleep, so I got up and made a pot of coffee. I ate a quick breakfast, and then I wrote for three hours. Now it’s around eleven AM, and as soon as I finish this post I will take a three-mile walk, here on the island.

It’s a gorgeous day outside–sunny, still and about 70 degrees F, perfect Florida winter weather. We are so lucky to live here.

After lunch I’ll have a few errands to run, and then two more shrubs I need to plant. I’ll take a two mile run, later this afternoon, and tonight I’ll meet up with a good friend to have dinner at a restaurant. Then we’ll see a movie at the cineplex in downtown St. Petersburg. I’m not sure what we’ll see, since it’s my friend’s turn to choose, but it doesn’t matter. We’ll have a good time.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone.

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