Another cute guy in boardshorts; easy night in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Since everyone liked my boardshorts photo posts this morning, I’m putting up another this evening.

It’s been a strange day, really. I woke up super early and feeling restless. Then I had to decide whether or not to attend a Celebration of Life gathering for a gay man I wasn’t all that close to, but his ex-partner is my neighbor and I decided to go. I’m glad I did because I know my neighbor appreciated my presence. A large crowd showed up, and the decedent’s family seemed gratified.

I have a easy Saturday night in store for me. I have leftovers from my fishing trip to enjoy, and then a friend and I will watch a Timothee Chalamet film on Amazon Prime titled Beautiful Boy. I hear it’s pretty good.

Have a nice Saturday evening, friends.

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