Another “boyfriend in bed” photo; another pretty evening on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Imagine walking into your bedroom this afternoon and finding lovely Victor Le Clerc (to the left) waiting their for you on the mattress. What would you do?

I know what I’d do–take his shirt and pants off him, for starters. Then I’d kiss him and run my fingers through his wavy hair.

Oh, well, Victor’s not in my bedroom this evening (sadly), so I won’t be getting kissed anytime soon. 🙁 But that’s okay, I’ve had a nice afternoon. After lunch, I hit the supermarket, since my refrigerator’s contents were kind of sparse. The traffic on my island was crazy today because the weather was so nice. But I got back home fairly easily, and put my purchases away. Then I took a two-mile run.

Now I’m freshly showered and sipping from a cold beer while I write these words. Around 5:30 I will cruise into tow to spend the evening with friends. As mentioned, one guy’s cooking dinner, and then the three of us will watch a streaming movie on his large screen TV. I’m bringing smoked fish spread and crackers as an appetizer, and also a bottle of white wine. It’ll be fun.

Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

A boyfriend in your bed, there’s nothing better ….


Hi, friends and readers:

If you’ve ever had a live-in boyfriend or partner, then you understand the simple joy of waking up next to him every morning and spending a little time showering him with affection before the day begins. It’s one of life’s finest gifts, and it’s what I miss most about being part of a couple. I hope you enjoy the little video clip I’ve posted here as much as I do.

I stayed home last night because by nine PM I felt tired. I went to be at ten, and I read for perhaps a half hour before turning out the lights. When I woke this morning (sadly, alone), the time was close to nine, and got busy with my day. I shaved and made my bed. I brewed coffee and made toast. Then I got busy at the keyboard, banging out fresh material for two hours.

Now it’s eleven AM and I am done writing for the day. I don’t have a lot on my plate, other than running a few errands, doing a little yard work, and taking a two-mile run, here on the island. Tonight, a good friend is having me over for dinner, and we’ll watch a Timothee Chalamet film, Beautiful Boy. It’s a movie about drug addiction. I hear it’s good, and Tim is so cute.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.