One more Dylan Dauzat photo; Martin’s back from Mardis Gras ….

Hi, friends and readers:

As stated in my last post, I consider Dylan Dauzat an airhead, but he is mighty cute, plus he’s from Louisiana. Why does that matter? Because I just returned from New Orleans an hour ago, after spending three wonderful days in the Crescent City.

What a wonderful place.

The weather was lovely, the food beyond good, and the people there are so welcoming to visitors. I also like the way the races get along so well. I wish it were that way in Florida. My two friends and I had a great time at multiple parades and walking the streets. Okay, we probably drank too much alcohol (huh?), and on the flight home to Tampa the Southwest flight attendant told us, “You boys need to simmer down.”


We met so many friendly and gracious people. One local woman told us, “You’ll never meet a stranger in our city.” And it’s true, they make you feel at home in New Orleans.

I love you, Big Easy, and good night my friends.

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