Slender and oh-so-sexy; aggravating afternoon for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I absolutely adore the photo I’m posting here tonight. I know, the guy’s skinny, but he has an infectious smile and I like his stringy limbs and smooth skin. His hips are quite narrow and his hands are large, both qualities I like. He’s definitely boyfriend material …. 😉

My afternoon today was aggravating as hell. I am no carpenter, but I figured hanging drapery rods couldn’t be all that tough. WRONG …. First of all, the rods and their support brackets had to be mounted with exact measurements so the valances hanging from them don’t look crooked. That’s not easy when you’re working around furniture on a stepladder. And the wood I’m mounting the brackets on is as hard as concrete.

I broke two drill bits during the process because the wood was so hard. And the brackets’ design made it impossible for me to use my cordless drill effectively. Each screw would only go into the wood about 3/4 of the way using the drill. Then I had to finish using a manual screw driver. But the job is now 85% complete, and I think the valances will look good.

I’m freshly showered now and savoring a cocktail before preparing dinner, here at home. I never heard from my friend about dining out tonight, so I’m staying put. Have a nice Wednesday night, friends.

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