Best friends, sharing life; typical Monday in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers: Everyone deserves a best friend, a person who he can share his deepest fears and aspirations with, a person who’s always there when needed. I like the two photos I’ve posted here this morning because you can tell the guys really care for each other.

It’s only 11:30 AM here, but I’ve already had a busy morning. First of all, my yard sprinkler repair guy had to come out and tweak my system so I won’t get any more water intrusion into my house, porches and tool shed. I’m also getting my house painted this week, and the painters arrived with their pressure-washing machine to begin preparing the building for paint. I also spent two hours editing my novel-in-progress.

Since it’s Monday, right after I eat lunch, I will climb into my Element to visit the YMCA in the city, for a workout and lap-swimming session. I actually enjoy visiting the YMCA because I know a lot of nice people there who I enjoy chatting with while I am there. I spend most morning by myself, writing, and it’s nice to get out among people, plus I enjoy the exercising too.

After I’m done at the YMCA, I’ll head back to my island, stopping along the way to buy some beer. (I’m out!)

I don’t really have any plans for my Monday evening, but that’s okay, since Tuesday evening I actually have a date with a cute guy I met via a new Internet dating app I installed on my phone. This will be my first date since December, and I’m kind if excited. We’re meeting for beers at a micro-brewery, and maybe we’ll get some dinner too, if thing go well between us. Yeah, I know I’m an old guy, but I still need love, and maybe I’ll get lucky with this guy. We’ll see.

Have a nice Monday, everyone. And if you have a best friend, be sure to call him or her up and say thanks for the friendship the two of you share.

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