Bagging your friend during a sleepover; another perfect day on the island ….


Hi, friends and readers:

The photo I’ve posted above brings back memories of a few events from my teenage days, when a friend would spend the night at my house and we’d share my bed. After the lights were out and my friend was asleep, I’d lower the covers and cop feels, a really exciting practice for me at the time. And if the guys I did it with knew what was happening, they never let on.  Oh, Steve and Teddy. Oh, Billy, where are you today?

Speaking of sleep, I forgot we were switching to DST today, and I allowed myself to stay in bed until ten this morning. Then I discovered the time was actually eleven AM. Gr-r-r-r-r …. I have a lot to do today and now I’m off to a late start.

I have edits to work on for my novel-in-progress. I have a small cleaning and interior painting project to perform. I have correspondence to take care of, and I want to take a two-mile run, here on the island. But I should quit griping. It’s another perfect winter day, here in west central Florida. The sun is shining, it’s 75 degrees F, dry and still. What more can I ask for?

Have a nice Sunday everyone.

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