Another guy in the bathroom; dinner party in store for tonight ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I decided to put up another “cute guy in the bathroom photo this evening, for your viewing pleasure. He’s certainly my type–broad shoulders, slim physique, and smooth skin, perfect boyfriend material, especially when he’s not wearing anything. 😉

I spent a frustrating day. I had my windshield replaced two weeks ago, but it was making all kinds of noise, so the glass company was supposed out have someone out here this morning. Well, the woman didn’t arrive here till noon, and then she worked on my car for two hours before she finally fixed the problem. That kept me glued to the house for six hours. I didn’t get to visit the YMCA, but after she left and I ran my errands, I took a two-mile run to blow off steam.

My dinner guests are due here at 6:30 PM and it should be a good time. I’ve know two of them for over 35 years, and the third guy is my neighbor and friend I’ve know for a long time too. Let the party rock!

Have an nice Monday night, friends.


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