Another sexy triathlete; gloomy evening on the island ….

Hi,, friends and readers:

If you liked the photos I posted here this morning, then you will certainly appreciate the one to the left here. I could watch him run all day long if he’d let me. 😉

I had a great workout at the YMCA this afternoon. I bade farewell to my friends there, as I won’t be seeing them for three weeks, due to my upcoming Pacific cruise. I got a haircut afterward, and then stopped at the seafood market to buy fresh Gulf shrimp for tonight’s dinner.

It’s a gloomy evenng, here on the island. The skies are gray, the temperature’s cool, and it’s supposed to rain pretty hard later on this evening, so no blaze in my fire pit tonight. 🙁 Instead, I’ll stay inside and watch a Netflix movie, which won’t be too bad. Have a nice Monday night, friends.

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