Beautiful Kline Barfield; Martin’s busy packing for his cruise ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I don’t know much about Kline Barfield, who you see to the left here. I know he’s a fashion model and I believe he’s an excellent skeet shooter. And I know this for certain–he’s beautiful. Who would pass up a date with him? Answer: nobody. 😉

My friend and I enjoyed a great meal at the tapas restaurant. The sangria there is so tasty. Sadly, the movie my friend chose, Captain Marvel, was dreadful. Even my friend admitted it. But what the hell, we still had a good time and the popcorn was excellent. 🙂

It’s a nice morning, here on the island, with a temperature in the mid-70’s. The sun is shining and a steady breeze is stirring the fronds on my coconut palms. Isn’t today the last day of winter?

Here’s another photo of lovely Kline. Imagine sharing an apartment with him every day? I think I’d go out of my mind with lust, unless of course, Kline was sharing a bed with me. 😉 Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

Tomorrow I take a flight to Miami, then connect with a nine-hour flight to Santiago, Chile. I’ll spend two nights in a nice hotel there. I’m meeting up with a university student there who will spend both nights with me. Then I take a shuttle to my cruise ship, a ninety-minute drive to the Pacific coast.

Today, I am in the process of packing for my trip, which takes a lot of planning, since I’ll be gone a total of 19 days. I have to be sure I’ll have everything I need, from proper clothing to medications and toiletries. I have to water all my houseplants and patio shrubs too. (A neighbor will water those for me periodically while I am gone.

Tonight I’m dining out again with another friend, at our favorite Italian place, and then I’ll get to bed at a reasonable hour so I can get up early tomorrow. Have a great Wednesday, everyone.

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