One more Kline Barfield photo; nice evening in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Here’s another photo of Kline Barfield, who in my opinion sits at the apex of male beauty. What’s not to like about him? Yummy … 😉

Well, I have completed all my packing for my journey to South America tomorrow. I have a backpack, a roll-on bag, and one other bag I will check with the airline.  I tried to stay as organized as I could, placing nonessential items in my checked bag, in case it gets lost by the airline in the transfer to my flight to Santiago. I can do okay with just my roll-on and backpack if I have to.

I have a pleasant evening ahead of me, now that I’m all set to travel tomorrow. As mentioned this morning, I’m meeting an old friend for dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant. Since it’s “wine Wednesday” there, we’ll share a bottle with our tasty meals. I have know this guy forever. We are both retired lawyers, so we never run dry on conversation.

When I get home, I’m sharing some more wine with my friend and neighbor, the last time I’ll see him for almost three weeks. Then it’s an early bedtime for Martin, since I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow.

Have a nice Wednesday evening, friends.

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