Sexy guys with long hair; another pretty day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

When I attended college and law school, I always wore my hair long; it grew past my shoulders. I thought it looked pretty good on me at the time, but then when I finished law school I had to interview for jobs and the long hair had to go.

To be truthful, I never missed the long hair after I had it cut. It was too much trouble to take care of. But I think both guys in today’s photo posts look great with their flowing locks, don’t you? I mean, check out Mr. Wet and Sexy to the left here. He has a great body, a handsome face, and kissable lips, definitely boyfriend material. I wonder where he lives and what his name is?

I spent another quiet evening at home last night. I built a blaze in my patio fire pit and a friend joined me for a chat. Then I prepared a wonderful dinner–fresh redfish I caught last Saturday, battered and fried and teamed with fresh corn on the cob and a fruit salad. Yummy …. šŸ™‚

I tried watching a movie after I cleaned up the kitchen, but I was still quite tired from my weekend at the fishing camp, so I crawled into bed with a book and read for a half-hour before I went to sleep, probably around 10:30. I didn’t wake up until 8:30 this morning, so I guess I needed the rest.

After a quick breakfast, I got busy working on my novel-in-progress, which I have not touched for almost a month, due to my travels in March and early April. I worked until eleven AM, then took a three-mile walk, here on the island. It’s a beautiful day outside–75 degrees, sunny and breezy, perfect April weather in central Florida.

After I have lunch, I’ll put on my work clothes and spend some time cleaning up my yard and patios, as they have not been tended to since I left for Chile on March 21st. I’ll rake up fallen leaves and tidy things up, nothing strenuous. I have correspondence I’ll tend to later on, and around four PM I will go for a two-mile run for some more exercise.

Have a nice Tuesday, friends.


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