Sexy Greyson Chance; another perfect day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

The guy you see to the left here is pianist and singer, Greyson Chance, who I first saw on a YourTube video when he was twelve years old and performing the song Paparazzi at a school talent show. He was amazing. Now he’s all grown up and looking pretty darned sexy. Okay, he’s skinny, but I like skinny. I understand Greyson came out as gay last year, which is cool. I wonder if he needs a boyfriend?

I was up at eight this morning, and I got busy at the keyboard right after breakfast. Today is a landmark day for me, as I finally completed the first draft of my novel-in-progress. I’ve been working on this book for almost a year, and at times it has gone maddeningly slow, but I’m happy with the draft. Of course, it will need massaged a good deal in the months ahead, but the hardest work is now done.

Here’s another photo of Greyson without his stubble, but I think I like him with stubble better. I like his newer hairstyle too. Yummy ….

It’s been another perfect weather day, here on the island–low-to-mid-70’s, sunny and dry. I walked three miles this morning after finishing my book, and then I visited the YMCA for a workout after lunch.

This evening, I am hosting a friend for dinner so we can plan a trip to the Far West this summer, probably to Montana, for ten days of hiking. We did this in Jackson Hole last summer and had a great time. Why not do it again?

Have a nice Monday evening, friends.


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