Hot guys in the shower; nice day ahead for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

My second year of college I lived in my fraternity house, where every day I gang-showered with the brothers. I always looked forward to shower-time, since a lot of the guys were amazingly cute, with lean bodies that looked great with water streaming over them. I wonder where they are today?

I spent a delightful evening yesterday with a longtime friend. I grilled a steak for us that turned out perfectly, and after dinner we sat down with a map of Montana and started planning a 2-3 week trip out there for mid-June when it’s stinking hot in Florida, but lovely in the upper Far West. We decided to eschew the crowds in Glacier National Park. Instead, we’ll visit more remote areas where we can hike without crowds.

It’s another beautiful sunny day, here on the island, and I have much to look forward to. In about a half hour, I will take a three-mile walk for some exercise. After lunch, I have a few errands to run–bank, supermarket, post office. Around four PM, I’ll take a two-mile run, and then I’ll get busy fixing a tasty dinner.

I have a real date tonight with a guy I met two weeks ago. He’s nice-looking, smart and personable. He has a real job and a car and a college degree from a good school, and he’s the first guy I’ve met in a long time who I’d consider as a boyfriend. He seems to like me, too. First dates are always a bit awkward, but I’m preparing a nice meal. We’ll drink some wine and maybe spend some time in my bedroom, and I think it’ll be fun. So, wish me luck, guys.

Have a great Tuesday.

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