Another hot boy in a Speedo; frustrating day for Martin ….


Hi, friends and readers:

Oh, my. How’d you like to go for a walk on a deserted beach, only to come upon the young man in the photo above, sunning himself in his Speedo. Would you strike up a conversation? Would you invite him to your beach cottage for a drink? The possibilities are endless …. 😉

Well, I had a very frustrating day, attempting to assemble a furniture item I’d ordered through Wayfair. I usually have no problem putting together furniture items, but this one was hopeless. The instructions were inadequate, pieces had holes drilled in the wrong places, and certain parts were simply not usable. I finally threw in the towel and called Wayfair, and they told me to toss the whole thing and they’ll give me a full refund. At least that turned out okay.

I have absolutely no plans for my Saturday evening, other than watching a Netflix rental and dining on leftovers. It’s fine. I had a super-busy week and I could use a little quietude. Have a nice Saturday night, friends.  🙂

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