Beautiful guys in black-and-white; typical Monday in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

At least once a week, I like to share some of my favorite black-and-white photos with all of you, and I’m doing so today. I hope you like what I’m posting here.

The photo to the left here takes me back to my locker room days at school, when sexy guys would a parade around in their jock straps and I’d go crazy with lust. Ah, the good old days … 😉

I spent a delightful evening last night, hosting a god friend for dinner. He brought marinated salmon we grilled over charcoal, along with a steak, so we dined on surf-and-turf. We grilled fresh corn-on-the-cob and I made a fruit salad. Everything came out great, and I enjoyed my friend’s company, as always.

For once, I didn’t sleep in late today, so maybe what’s been causing me to spend so much time in bed is finally clearing up. I was out of bed at 8:15 this morning, and after a quick breakfast, I got busy editing my the first draft of my novel-in-progress. I worked steadily for 2-1/2 hours, and now I’m done for the morning.

Isn’t the young man to the left here beautiful? I love the way the lighting accentuates his facial features and his stringy muscles. Nice photo, eh?

Today will be a typical Monday for me. Right after lunch, I’ll head into town for a workout and la-swimming at the YMCA. I’ll stop by the supermarket on my way home, and then I’ll likely spend my evening alone, which is fine. I’ll drink a couple of beers on my observation deck and watch the sailboats glide past my house. I have the remaining half of a Netflix movie I want to watch, and I’ll try to get to bed early.

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

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