One more guy in black-and-white; quiet night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you find the young man to the left here as appealing as I do? He has a wholesome and sweet look I find charming. Imagine spending a weekend with him at a seaside hotel? Aye-yi-yi …. 😉

I had a good workout at the YMCA, but then a massive thunderstorm swept into the city and the pool was closed, so I didn’t get to swim my laps. I drove home in a deluge of rain that made it hard to see. On the way, I visited the supermarket to stock my fridge and cupboards, and then, after I put everything away, I spent 90 minutes booking flights to and from Montana for my buddy and me in mid-June. I also booked at nice Air-b-n-b outside of Bozeman, MT for three nights, as a starting-off place for our three-week trip. I feel good, now that initial arrangements have been made, and we’ve made a commitment to the trip.

It’s damp and overcast here tonight, which I am fine with because it’s also quiet. I have fresh fish for my dinner, and a nice bottle of white wine to go with it, so I am good. Have a nice Monday night, friends.

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