Another guy, fast asleep; productive day for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

How’d you like to come upon Mr. Sexy to the left here, when he was snoozing. I’ll bet you’d stand there and watch him for a while. I know I would. 😉

It’s been a good and productive day for me. I got a lot done in the writing department, and my visit with my doctor went well, although he’s not quite sure why I’ve been sleeping so much. My thyroid level came back high from my recent lab work, and he thinks I may have picked up a virus during my South and Central American cruise that is temporarily affecting my thyroid. I’ll have it tested again in three months. Otherwise, I am fine.

Not much in store for my Tuesday evening. I’ll dine on tasty leftovers, and watch the last part of my Netflix rental. Then I’ll climb into bed and read for a while. That’s all fine with me, as I don’t feel like any sort of excitement tonight.

Have a good Tuesday evening, friends.

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